Six of our amazing team of IT Engineers recently participated in a two-day Addigy Certified Expert (ACE) training at our Pall Mall Clubhouse.

Influential Software on behalf of Addigy, the cloud-based IT management software, hosted an intense training program that covered everything MacOS device management. Our engineers dived into software deployment, zero touch deployment and automated troubleshooting, tackling real-world IT service challenges head-on.

One engineer from Hong Kong, two from London and two from our US team took part, ensuring we’ve spread these skills around our global workforce.

Their newly acquired skills will take their IT game to the next level, providing even better support and service to all our clients.

At Synergy, we’re all about growth and excellence. Investing in our team means staying at the cutting edge of the IT Managed Services world, and we’re proud to see our team thriving.

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Ric McCorriston

Managing Director


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