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Unlimited Remote Phone & Email Service

IT downtime can cost companies big money. When something goes wrong, it pays to address the problem fast.

We offer unlimited phone and email support to address problems quickly, and to get staff back up and running in no time.

On Site Service - 9 - 6

Our cutting-edge remote monitoring and maintenance tools – combined with unlimited phone and email support – is complemented by a team of dedicated engineers able to offer onsite support 9-6.

24/7 Emergency On Site Service

To support our core 9-6 onsite service, our international team of engineers can be onsite at any time of the day or night. Should disaster strike, they’ll provide the expert support required to protect your systems and get you back online, fast.

Onboarding & Offboarding Users

Effective onboarding and offboarding procedures are crucial for getting new users up to speed quickly, and minimising disruption when a user leaves the business. They can also be crucial from a security standpoint.

We offer custom processes and documentation to ensure a smooth and secure process.





Identity & Password Management

Improvements in the technology available to cybercriminals mean that sophisticated credential-based cyberattacks are on the rise. In response, businesses are increasingly deploying advanced identity security, combined with privilege access management. While this bolsters security, it’s counterproductive when staff have so many usernames and passwords that they start forgetting them.

Our identity and password management solutions solve this challenge by giving staff just one ‘identity’ and ‘master password’ – maintaining security, without the hassle for staff.

Computer Security and AV

Malware infections are one of the biggest threats to any company’s IT systems. An infection can lead to significant disruption, theft of intellectual property, or even the ransoming of your data (ransomware). It’s also on the rise, with data breaches in 2021 estimated to have exceeded the 2020 total by September.

To help protect your business against threat, we offer the most up-to-date, reliable and robust computer security and anti-virus technology – ensuring that you stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Employee IT Security Awareness Training

Ultimately, even the most robust security solutions can be compromised by your staff. In one study, IBM attributed human error to as many as 95% of security breaches.

That’s why we offer comprehensive IT security awareness training to ensure that your staff are aware of the latest threats and know how to keep their data – and yours – safe.

Email & File sharing




Google Workspace or O365

Being able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly is essential to the smooth running of any business, particularly now so many of us are working outside of the traditional 9-5 office environment. Cloud-based productivity suites like Google Workspace and Office 365 provide secure productivity and collaboration apps to suit businesses of any size.

As Microsoft Gold partners and experts in both Office 365 and Google Workspace, we can save your business time and money with a seamless switch, and can provide user training to ensure your staff get up to speed in no time.

Cloud Files Licence

Working practices are changing, and even for small organisations, it’s increasingly rare for all staff to be based in the same physical location. With staff spread across multiple locations, cloud-based file sharing tools are essential for reducing friction and boosting efficiency. However, these need to be managed without compromising security or creating unnecessary file administration headaches.

Reflecting our deep cloud expertise, we offer a unified platform to manage your digital content – all bundled into our package. Our platform comes with exceptional data security and built-in compliance and audit technology, ensuring that your staff can collaborate seamlessly and securely, wherever they are.

Cloud Files Custom Domain

A custom domain is a unique name that identifies a website and can be used as part of an email address. By default, your domain name will normally be associated with the cloud service provider, which is obviously not appropriate your company’s unique brand.

As a cloud-first business, we can configure custom domains, ensuring your business benefits from a memorable, unique domain, consistent with your brand.

Asset Management




Asset Management

An effective and cost-efficient IT infrastructure relies on the effective long-term management of all software and hardware. Without it, it’s easy for an organisation to find itself with a bloated inventory, or worse, without the tools it needs to work effectively.

We’ll catalogue, manage, and maintain all your IT assets – from servers to software and licenses – helping you to better understand your organisation’s requirements, while maximising your investment.

Weekly emailed asset report

We’ll take the hassle of asset management out of your hands, but that doesn’t mean we’ll keep you out of the loop.

To ensure you have full sight of your organisation’s assets and can make the best strategic decisions, we’ll email you an asset report every week.





Free Shipping

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we won’t make you pay for shipping on any hardware you purchase through us.

Expedited Procurement

We know that speed is often of the essence when deploying new IT solutions. That’s why we offer an expediated procurement service when the clock’s ticking on a project.

Warm hardware spare

Downtime costs money and wastes time. That’s why it’s useful to have failover hardware that can immediately switch into action should the first in line solution fail.

Our expert engineers can ensure warm hardware spares are set-up, configured, and ready to spring into action the minute they’re needed.


Infrastructure Solutions

Our infrastructure solutions involve supporting and securing either your physical office or your back-end infrastructure.

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