Dark Web monitoring

Are your company’s user credentials being accessed by cyber criminals? Thousands of email addresses, passwords, and other sensitive data land on the dark web every day, and you may not know about a vulnerability until it’s too late.

Our dark web monitoring tool ensures 24/7 365 protection thanks to human and machine-powered dark web monitoring. If we find your compromised credentials in dark markets, data dumps or other sources, we’ll alert you fast, giving you time to act before the cyber criminals do.

Domain Monitoring

To fool victims into clicking on a link or divulging their password, a large proportion of phishing attacks begin with a criminal registering a domain similar to that of a trusted company.

To protect your company, we monitor the web for malicious domains designed to look similar to yours. As soon as we find one, our Security Operations Centre will take down the malign domain – giving us a head start on the phisher.

Server Anti Virus

With new cyber threats emerging constantly, your business-critical server needs the best protection possible.

With our cloud-based, enterprise-grade, fully monitored server anti-virus solution, we can keep your in-house server protected around the clock.

Security Operations Center

Keeping networks and data secure relies on constant vigilance.

Our dedicated information security staff are experts at keeping our clients’ data safe. Constantly monitoring our security tools, they are primed to act fast on any threat.

Security Breach Service

Recovering from a security breach can be an expensive and time-consuming task.

However, we’re so confident in our security tools that we’ll include any breach remediation in our cost. If the worst should happen, we’ll get your business back up and running safely and quickly, all within in our monthly fee.





Onboarding and offboarding procedures

Onboarding and offboarding procedural documentation is important from an employee interaction and productivity point of view, but did you know that it’s also vital from a security standpoint?

We offer custom processes and documentation to ensure a smooth and secure process.

IT Roadmap

The best IT support is built on a long-term strategy and with agility and flexibility in mind.

An annual IT road map outlines our strategic plan for your business’s technical strategy, taking into account your business growth, emerging technologies, and new security threats.

Security Policy

Different companies will have different requirements and approaches when it comes to security. That’s why it’s important to have clear policy for staff that outlines security strategy and provides a guide for how to handle situations when they do occur.

As security experts, we can help you put together a clear and effective policy, and educate staff on how to use it to protect the company’s assets.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan

While robust security solutions can offer significant protection from threats, should the worst happen, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan is essential for a company to get back on its feet quickly.

Our bespoke IT disaster recovery plans provide a structured and documented approach to help organisations rapidly resume operations following a breach, attack, loss of data, or other incident.

IT services




Remote Regular Maintenance

Our regular remote maintenance provides a responsive and efficient service to assure that all your systems are maintained for optimal performance and security.

Infrastructure Monitoring

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. That’s why it’s so important to spot any potential issues early.

Our infrastructure monitoring tools run 24/7 and alert us to any problems early, allowing us to fix the issue without any interruption to your service.

Regular Onsite Service

While remote maintenance and monitoring is invaluable, this works best when supported by regular onsite support.

Our dedicated engineers are available to provide a regular onsite service – giving you peace of mind and ensuring the smooth running of your entire IT infrastructure.

Web hosting




DNS Hosting

DNS stands for ‘Domain Name System’. Essentially, this system translates a domain name you’ve entered (  for example) into the IP address your computer needs to locate the service or website you’re looking for. If there’s a problem with your DNS, your website might be technically online, but there’ll be no way for anyone to find it.

Our DNS hosting services are built to increase redundancy and security, and reduce latency, meaning that your services suffer less downtime and load faster.

Domain Registration and Renewal Management

Choosing and registering the right domain name can be important in helping customers easily find your website. Losing your established domain name because you’ve forgotten to renew can cause an unnecessary headache.

Thanks to our website hosting expertise, we can take the hassle out of registering and renewing domains.

Website Hosting

When considering website hosting, the decision should ultimately come down to which service can increase your website’s functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Thanks to our deep website hosting expertise, we can help you build and maintain an exceptional web presence, fully flexible and scalable to your requirements.





Free Shipping

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we won’t make you pay for shipping on any hardware you purchase through us.

Expedited Procurement

We know that speed is often of the essence when deploying new IT solutions. That’s why we offer an expediated procurement service when the clock’s ticking on a project.

Warm Hardware Spare

Downtime costs money and wastes time. That’s why it’s useful to have failover hardware that can immediately switch into action should the first in line solution fail.

Our expert engineers can ensure warm hardware spares are set-up, configured, and ready to spring into action the minute they’re needed.


User Solutions

User Packages are per person charges for each supported person in your organisation.

Explore User Solutions