About the clubhouse

In the post-pandemic world, almost half of employees are prepared to quit their job if they're not given the opportunity to work how they want. So, what do they want? Greater flexibility and better tech is the top line.

Today’s workspaces need to be more than just a room with desks and computers – they need to serve multiple functions, offering people a seamless, connected and productive work and social experience.

Introducing The Clubhouse, a networking hub for people to come together, be inspired, share ideas, and create. And, thanks to cutting-edge technology, The Clubhouse will be a hotbed for experimentation and innovation.

Share ideas or discuss the weekend over a cold drink at the bar. Be inspired by a keynote speech in the main room. Ditch the bedroom for a Zoom call in a breakout room. Or simply work without the distractions of home.

The Clubhouse is what you make it.